I can appreciate, and empathise with, how difficult it can be to engage in counselling for the first time or with a new counsellor – What will I talk about? How does counselling work? What do I need to do?

A first step would be to arrange an initial one-to-one appointment. These appointments allow to you:

  • Find out more about the way I work
  • Let me know what you may be bringing to counselling
  • Let me know how you hope counselling may help you
  • Allow us both to consider together whether future counselling appointments will provide you with the support and understanding you are looking for.

As your Counsellor I can guide you through the counselling process and deal with  what you bring to our sessions in a therapeutic way. As a Client you should be ready and willing to explore your issues, understand that you have  the choice of doing this at your own pace and ensure you do this with a Counsellor you feel comfortable and safe with.

I offer both short and longer term work counselling in an integrative/relational way. This means I will work with you, at your own pace, helping you to explore past and present experiences in a therapeutic way. I can help you notice and acknowledge how these experiences may have impacted on your life and in doing so further your understanding  of those experiences .

I will do this in such a way that allows you to discover and explore such understanding for yourself – this means I won’t give you advice but I will give you the time and space to help you understand yourself better. Together, we can use this understanding to answer some of the questions you may have brought to counselling.

You may also  find it useful to explore how you  manage your present relationships – either your relationship with yourself or with others – and identify repeated patterns of relating to others or yourself which are currently influencing these relationships. Part of your counselling work may involve looking at ways of how to change these patterns and experiment with new ways of relating. Through counselling, I can support you as you do this.

If you have any questions or concerns and would like to chat before making an initial appointment then please do feel free to contact me by mobile, text or email.

There is no obligation after your initial appointment to engage in further counselling sessions.

Issues I can support you with: